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1.Create a visual art design/ logo using Inkscape

2. Find a good supplier and send them your designs (above). Mention where the logo designs are for, Eg. "Map on Chest 20cm across" 

The supplier will send you back some illustrations to show you to approve.

3. Send your supplier a table chart of the quantities and sizes for each of your designs.

Example of charts to send to suppliers

4. Pay and you shall receive.

5. Upload on your e-commerce website

6. Advertise on social media, newspapers, leaflets, posters, word of mouth and anyway you can think of.

7. Say Thank you then package and post to the purchaser.

8. Repeat!

100% of the profits were sent to Nepal to help the people affected by the earthquake in 2015.

Below you can see what our website looked like.

I was featured on the front page of the local newspaper.

Below you can see the building process of temporary shelters. 

Back Story: In 2015, I was learning to create a website in my I.C.T. course. During this time I heard that Nepal had a massive earthquake.

I had an idea that by creating a website I would be able to help the people.

Then I asked my friends if anyone had created a website and there was Nathaniel, he had already created one and he would update a local charity's website on a regular basis.

I asked him if he would help me. He agreed.
One lunch-time we met in the college's canteen and he showed me how to buy domain and website builder.
I still remember typing my bank card details for the website in the canteen.

This was only the beginning...

I had some experience on wordpress which Nate had suggested to play around with before paying for domain and hosting.

After that I researched vendors that would print on T-shirts in bulk.

Next, looked around for software to create high quality images and also a template for t-shirt printing.

I was in the zone for like a month or two for this project. The last thing before my eyes closed I would be working on the project. The first thing I would do was also work on the project. Sometimes, I would even wake up in the middle of my sleep with an idea to add onto the project!

This project involuntarily led me to create this website as well.

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