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Subash Limbu whe he was 5 years old in Hong Kong

Subash was born in Hong Kong. At the age of 5, Subash went to Nepal. 

One of the very few photos in Nepal. 

Subash Limbu in Nepal
Subash in Tung Chung River

A couple of weeks after this photo, Subash aged 10, would fly to the UK.

Left Sagar, right Subash

Subash(right) and younger brother(left)

Subash on the front page of a local Newspaper for creating a website at the age of 17 in 2015
Subash built an e-commerce website when he was 17 and was featured on Nuneaton Newspaper

Featured on the front page of the local newspaper for creating an e-commerce website at 17.

Summer school in University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham 2014-2015

Aston University 2015-2016

I'm on a TV Screen in Hong Kong 2019

Watch my DNA test results on YouTube

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