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Browsed History and Future Predictions

Why did you delete your web history?

The answer is for you and yourself only, right?

But what if I told you that there is someone in Israel with a software that can only see the “removed website visits”.

Would you believe me?

Take a look what the software might display

(Your name) : (removed web pages)

(Your name) : (incognito web pages)

(Your name) : (removed searches)

We all can check the most typed words for today or yesterday.

The information gathered from all around the globe, there is also a system where we can see what the most searched words are for one country only.

Narrow down, only your city....

We download an app and without reading the "user agreement" we use these apps every single day.

Search, like, provide our personal information, post, upload, use words and phrases, share, comment about topics of our interests.

These companies are already creating a back-end profile about each of us using our activities and behavior online and selling to other companies/individuals that we have no idea about.

We have heard too often that "we are creatures of habits" thus, our future searches, interests and behaviors can be predicted...

To keep your privacy protected to a good level and probably the best way to keep it safe is by downloading and start using



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