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Where do feelings live? | Animals?

I wrote this in my Evernote

What is an atom? Basically, anything and everything right? How does Solar system work? Same pattern, same lane, sort of in circles right?

Now, how on earth, the earth seems to always be spinning and rotating around the sun in the circular motion? Hmmm... Kindly, take your imagination way up above the solar system and look where you are. Invisible atom right? After we die we get buried under or burned into ashes up and mostly turn into smoke, then clouds, and then rain and then back to the soil. What does this have to do with fear, anger, and worry? Everything! So if every philosopher, writers, speakers or individuals that made their name known from the rest of the crowd, they all wanted to share something along the lines of, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you“. This makes sense that if solar systems have the circular system, and atoms are everywhere and anything. We, humans, are only some small bacterias or organisms on the universe that in a split second the earth can be wiped out and that would not be such a big deal to the universe, in fact, who would even notice it?

A group of atoms collectively form into a certain type of “energy" or "feeling" which can be transformed and transmuted in the state of "gas" mater, "spirit", "invisible particles", "thoughts". etc.

Seconds before the chicken or an animal is killed, the animal releases feel, and produces fear, anger, and worries. Now, these "feelings" in the form of "atoms" are transferred into your being when you consume the animal! This may sound unrealistic but if the solar system always works on the circulation system, so does the transmutation of the anger, fear, and worry.

Not just animals but all human beings are powerhouses of all the emotions and feelings... (we humans are animals too)

Watch the full video on YouTube.

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