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"Out of 170 countries you visited, which is your favourite?"

Last week, I met with a couple from the United States, they have visited 170 countries together!

Below you'll read our conversation

Subash: What has been your favourite country so far?

Mark: Indonesia. (He answered within 2 seconds)

Subash: Why?

Mark: There’s everything; beach, flowers, ocean, weather, mountains… everything!

Subash: How about the no. 2?

(Mark looks over to his wife and they both say…

Mark and his wife: Thailand, we go there every year.

Subash: And what has been your least favourite?

Mark: ”North Korea, it’s the only country we didn’t enjoy"

And then he continued...

"Imagine a 6 way highway and being the only car on the road, the only car was us!

We had 3 watchers for two of us.

There were no internet, our phones were confiscated.

After 10pm all the power were cut off.”

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