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Why I brought what I brought?

​As soon as I arrived home last night, I sat down and wrote my thoughts that appeared just before I placed each item in my shopping cart. Below you can see what and why of my food purchases.

Lotus biscuits

Vegan and vegetarian ✅


Good Price


"From South Africa"

Zoomed out my mind's eye vision, I was a bird in space looking down on earth and thought "wow if this was few hundred years ago I'd had to travel for months to eat this"


Cold food for hot weather

Hi calcium drink with collagen

Easy to consume, contains "collagen" and non dairy.


Few hours before I walked into the store I had a vision of me cooking banana in a pan with some coconut oil.

If you have done this or will do in the future, I’d like to see your thinking process just before you put your food in the basket.

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