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Where do Limbu people come from?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a long time now.

So far, as I’ve found on my research that most of the ‘Limbu’ people are indigenous people of the Himalayas and Tibet, this makes some sense as the area of where most Limbu people currently reside, in their home village, it is actually very close to Tibet.

It's a well-known fact that Limbu people have been “Nepali” or ‘Nepalese’ for no more than 400 years when the King Prithvi Narayan Shah united current Nepal as one nation. Prior to that Limbu people were known as Yakhthung within their community and Limbuwan to the surrounding tribes and nations.

Although with time most last names get changed due to various reasons, the word “Limbu” was a given last name by the Shah King who made a bond with the “Yakthung” King, they agreed to share the boundaries and have the freedom to enjoy the lands of both territory. Limbu people were called “Yakthung” before known as ‘Limbu’.

In terms of religion, Limbu people practice Kirat or Kirant religion, which has the same principles as Shaman religions, spiritually communicating with animals, trees, and nature by enchanting using repetitive words and mantras. Most of the current Tibetan religions and hilly areas of China have the same beliefs and practices too.

Looking at the mother tongue language or the language that is spoken by ‘Limbu’ people, the writing/texts are also very similar to that of Tibetan language. Not so surprising, because the only separation of ‘Limbu’ people and ’Tibetan’ people is that the ’story’ someone created a long time ago separating the two with imagined borders and eventually, with time, the language influence from the other neighbouring nations, which also affected the cultures and other factors that create a ‘surname’.

The same fact goes with the separation of ‘Tibet’ from ‘China’ which again someone made up a story due to some events that occurred which made the ‘Tibetan’ people feel they were separate from the ‘Chinese’ people of ‘China’. Although there has been some interbreeding with the surrounding nations that look distinctly different to the Mongoloid race most people can tell by just looking at the visible traits of an individual and have a good guess at where their ancestor roots trace back to.

Majority of the people with Mongoloid features sharing similar DNA is known to have certain type of traits and features which is visually and physiology different compared to the other races, however the environment that they grew up in and/or their everyday surroundings also make a huge impact on individuals and even make some changes to their DNA.

If we go even further back and look at Human beings as animal species. We are all mostly Homo-Sapiens, everyone that is alive today, although there is still a small percentage of the other different species in our blood and DNA which also accounts for a lot of our natural way of being, natural abilities and instincts. In current ‘Asia’, before the Homo-Sapiens took over, a species called Homo-Erectus were the natives. Gradually, as the Homo-Sapiens wiped out Homo-Erectus species there was some interbreeding of the two. Same with the other species and other races…

If you enjoyed this and or found it interesting, you'll probably find something even more interesting! (keep reading)

As I too am very curious to find out about my roots and history, I have sent my DNA to a laboratory in the United States to discover where my ancestors come from in more detail. The results, I will be sharing with the world on YouTube!!, mare sure to Subscribe to my channel so you’ll know more about a ‘Limbu’ person’s ancestors.

“Shall explore” on YouTube :)

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