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Why some people love kids more than others

The photo above is of Nishchal (related nephew), Anisha (related niece) and me.

"Don'ttt youuuu beee scillyyy" is what I often say to little kids when they misbehave.

"Don't you be silly" is the correct spelling if you didn't figure it out.

Subash often says"I love kids"

I'm sure I'm not the only one, however I have often noticed and realized that when I'm in a room with a number of people and there is a little stranger baby, most of the time I am the only one that gets fascinated with every little move the baby or little kid makes. I guess this proves that I love little kids more than most people I meet. But, I do not know the exact reason why. Some could say that I may have lesser testosterone level than most male which I can strongly disagree with, as I can jump off (half naked) of cliffs and bridges several meters above the water which I will end up in, sometimes not knowing depth of the water level.

I cannot psychoanalyze myself but here are some of the reasons I that I think has made me love kids more than most individuals:

  1. I have all kinds of siblings but a younger sister.

This could possibly be one of the reason as I receive caring and love from my elder brother and elder sister and support and respect from my younger brother. I believe that we filter the emotions we like and save it to reuse it again.

  1. I always had youngsters and elders around me when I was growing up.

Although some years I grew up far away from my siblings I did have some younger cousins and elder cousins that I could exchange and filter the love and respect emotions.

  1. My parents did not showed any affection to me throughout my childhood.

A good amount of my growing up I remember was being raised by my aunt, she wasn't the most affectionate person but rather the strictest person I still know till this day. I was 8 years old washing my dishes with my own two hands, accidentally I drop a spoon on the floor, if her mood was not right, she would beat me with a stick within seconds. If I lose a pencil and ask for a new one, two slaps. (Can you imagine?). Every young mammal in the world are constantly seeking to be loved by someone that they feel secured with, I'm sure I was too. I'm a young adult now and I still lack the love that I was suppose to receive. Therefore, expressing and giving love to my younger ones, somehow came naturally to me to fill the gap I was missing? Like I said before I cannot psychoanalyze myself but these are some of the reasons I have concluded with to why and how I love kids more than the most!

If you have any thoughts or comments on this post feel free to express yourself too.

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