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What's beef?

What's beef?

Chill out I'm a Vegan + I was gently stroking the cow, calf to be exact. Let me take you way back, my great grandfather was allergic to beef (buffalo and cow). He had 3 sons, and the youngest, my grandfather turned out allergic to beef. Grandfather had 1 son and 2 daughters, only one turned out to be allergic to beef but the one did not figure out until the age 35. In a full moon midnight, the 35 year old had a spooky dream, very thirsty by the stream, waiting to drink the fresh running water. An old lady by the stream asked "are you thirsty?" The 35 year old replied "Yes, I am, I'm waiting for you to finish"

The lady then asked "is there something that you've been trying to solve for some time now?" the 35 year old replied "I guess there are a number of things, but why do you ask?"

The old lady says "There is one type of species that your fore-fathers couldn't consume, do you know what it is?"

The 35 -year-old replies "Yes, the buffaloes' species."

The old lady asks "do you eat them?"

"Yes" replied the 35 year old, and so the the lady held the listeners hand and said "from today avoid them for 3 months and notice your health". The 35 year old never consumed cows' and buffaloes' meat since then and no allergic reactions. He told me that "even though I do not like to eat them, I'd like to hunt them. His middle son though, the guy wearing the red t-shirt, loves Cows and Buffaloes and most of the wild animals. He has documented a couple of videos 📹 interpreting cows and buffaloes' behaviors and these animals communicate with him using direct body language. Check out the link at the end of this post to watch them! ✌️☺ By the way even though most people love these animals for what they are, their fart, raising them, and their oil is one of the biggest threat to the earth universe, pure facts in the ancient scriptures cows have been known to have a very powerful impact/energy and when they release their fart which contains pure and filtered 🌿 earth's gas, this form of gas matter is able to absorb and attract the energy/vibes/vibrations which is around it's calculated radius atmosphere. Thus, some wise note takers passed on this sacred information and wrote them in books, which then followed with saying holy prayers before killing them to balance the negative and positive energies radiated.

#CowsandBuffaloes #SubashLimbu #Subash #Limbu #Vegan #Beef #cowsgas #interpretinganimalsbehaviours

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