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He bought bitcoin 3,000 years ago!

Have you ever wondered or thought out loud "why BITCOIN is so volatile?"

“Bitcoin is better than currency” - Bill Gates

Let’s go back to the days...


when sugar, honey and silk were used as money to exchange with products and services.

With a handful of sugar you could exchange whatever the other person had more of,

but you could only do so if the other person wanted to have your sugar.

People exchanged sea shells to apples,

goat’s meat to land plots,

dogs to horses, and so on.

Gradually some things like gold came into the scene,

people with great storytelling abilities told stories about gold to different lands.

The beauty and the shiny look made it very appealing but out of all it was the story about “gold” which was remembered by most people that heard and or saw gold.

The wealthy people that had workers working for them had more free time for luxury and entertainment. Entertaining stories from different lands told by travelers was on top of the list.

Stories about gold became a viral hit.

Kings, queens and wealthy business people collected these “precious” gold as a means of luxury,

later on they had a significant amount of gold magnificent stories about gold were heard by everyone in months and everyone wanted them!

A few years later, gold became one of the most valuable currency in the land.

Printed Cash Money also has a very similar upbringings as gold but it is much more monopolized.

A unique group of people created the concept of paper money which could be printed using trees and inked text written it’s value and worth.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exists to get rid of the control of the money system. Something that cannot be printed and or have a respected person’s face on it. For example Queen’s, King’s, Presidents, Inventors and the likes.

As the well- known faces were shown on the banknotes, everyone in their own nation believed it had some value and that their neighbors would too.

The same goes with bitcoin, if enough people believe in it’s worth and the value would be accepted by more and more people, eventually the world will be able to exchange services using this currency and that there wouldn't be much of transaction fee or VAT and other fees that are charged for using platforms like, banks, transferring companies, exchanging rate companies and the likes.

Now, there may be a number of reasons why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are so volatile and disliked but one of the solutions is to make the digital assets more known and how they will benefit people in their daily lives.

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