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Berry Diet and Shocking Truth

Berry diet

Before I eat anything or in fact if I’m in a store to buy something I usually google whatever it is I’m holding in my hand for an example blueberry and add “health benefits”. So it would be “Blueberry health benefits” It’s always fascinating to know what each foods are good for and the nutrient value they provide to our body and even brain!

Blueberries have been consumed for a very long time and is one of the highly respected super foods. For most human beings consuming blueberries affects them in a very positive way. There are a number of health benefits for blueberries including bone health, skin health, blood health, mental health and even provide protection.

Did you know that some angel-like ladies in Japan eat only berries and their poo are sold to wealthy people that consume it in front of the lady.

What are your thoughts on berries?

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