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Chinese Zodiac Animal Mouse/ Rat are people born on February 19 till 1996 February 6 1997

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February 19 1996 to February 6 1997

Mouse/ Rat/ Fire 🔥

Polarity: Yang Positive

Colour: midnight blue

Fragrance: Sandalwood

Flavour: Salty

Food: Whole grains/dark ale

Flower: Holly

Gem: Turquoise

Feng Shui direction: North

Lucky number: 3

Most harmonious Time: 11pm to 1am when the dark yin force reaches its peak. Rest and regeneration time.

Creative, Survivor, Analytical, Always Curious and Highly Intelligent.

Quick temper


Disarmingly charming and materialistic

Warm-hearted, passionate and wired to live for the moment

Inhibits a private world.






Observant of surrounding

Natural teachers when matured

Lovable and physically attractive throughout their lives.

Resourceful and ambitious.

Love to acquire possessions and extraordinarily good at spotting bargain.

A very few rats are greedy or stingy but most are kindhearted and fair.

Perfect gift for a rat would be an unusual object from a faraway place.

Always pursuit new adventures.

Natural explorers.

Love to travel, caves, underground passages catacombs, forbidden places, castles and undiscovered places.


Avoids manual labor.

Prefer to use brain to problem solve and create adventures and possibilities.

Makes excellent managers and businesses owners.

Unusually fruitful imagination, insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Rats personality can be difficulty to understand.



Hates routine and variety is what this soul seeks.

Unenlightened rats can be:

Secretive, and mislead if it is to their advantage.

Difficult to please


Extremely high standards

Usually have impressive circle of acquaintances at their fingertips and unscrupulous rat will take full advantage of this. Profiteering and opportunistic behavior represents rats energy being directed in its most unproductive form. At dark times rat may be dishonest, aggressive and seclusion.

Hates alarm clocks, agendas and pressures.

Work most efficiently in solitary situations.

Rarely enjoys working for others.


Colour: red

Season: summer

Direction: south

Foods: bitter

Fruit: almond

Organ: heart

System: circulatory

Face: tongue

Emotion: happy

Weather: hot


Chinese Astrology

Exploring the Eastern Zodiac

Shelly Wu


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