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Why I love Hong Kong?

Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbor in Cantonese.

The Hong Kong dollar is the eighth most traded

paper currency in the world.

There are more than 260 islands

in Hong Kong.

Population: 7,428,887 (2018)

Hong Kong has more than

768,000 millionaires and

59,000 multimillionaires

- Citibank

There are more than 93 Billionaires in

Hong Kong. (Mid 2018)

2nd City with most Billionaires.

8th Country with most Billionaires.

Filipinos are the biggest ethnic

minority in Hong Kong.

Followed by Indonesians.

Hong Kong Topped the list of

Highest Life Expectancy

in 2018.

Average: 84.3 years

One in 7 in Hong Kong is a millionaire

- Business Insider

Hong Kong is the 9th safest city

in the world.



Hong Kong is the city with

with most skyscrapers in the world.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is the

most expensive retail location worldwide.

Watch the video about "Why I love Hong Kong"

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