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Long Term Relationship with...

I was sitting in a corner seat inside a train ready to get a book out of my bag.

But Suddenly

My phone vibrates and I the callers number starts with 3.

Usually, I wouldn't pick it up, well, unless if and when I am feeling bored or don't have anything that important scheduled.

This time I picked it up and it was from Nutrilite Hong Kong!

Nutrilite, is a brand of mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements.

"You was recommended to us for a video shoot"

A world known company calling me for a video shoot!

"Can you come to the studio?"

I said a BIG YES and I marked my calendar .

I wondered for a second, maybe a minute or two, and asked

the infinite intelligence AKA the universe as to 'why me'.

Then thought came AKA the answer...


The day of the video-shoot I had a relatively big pimple and I was not confident at all.

I asked one of the team members that helped fill out my details before heading inside the studio "is it possible to change the date because I have a pimple here" as I was pointing to it. The guy, I forget his name, replied "oh, that's nothing, don't worry".

Did my thing and BOOM!

I'm on big screens! Yay!

Watch the video I recorded that day on YouTube titled "Yoo! I'm in the Studio"



#Artistry #HongKong #Nutilite #amway

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