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COVID Came From Aliens

This is not a fact or even a theory.

This is but my hypotheses.

That is COVID came from Aliens or

are aliens.

There are a number of different stories on how

COVID came or appeared on earth.

I, like 99.999% of the people on the planet

do not know for sure how and where it came from.

But, we can suspect that it might as well came from

an Alien life.

Take for an example the isolated island(s) called Andaman Islands

when the locals of that island got the viruses from a normal person

they became ill or even died.

It was alien to them.

Now we know that the COVID virus came to earth/ spotlight in late 2019.

I'm not going to choose which way COVID started but it's easier to

label it as an alien because of the solution we can provide with.

TMI: Humans were fluid, then bacteria, then fungi, then bugs, then

amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals.

Out of all these, the fungi is more intelligent and has a vast network of

information and communication channels than almost if not all mammals.

To cure ill viruses, scientists experiments with the outputs from the mycelium

network. Analyzing which molecules wards off the bad viruses like how oils

and waters are separated.

Now in the case of COVID being an alien or a bacteria from an alien...

well, who knows? but didn't NASA say they are hiring Priests, Theologists,

Religious and Spiritual leaders to prepare humans on how to act when

alien life on earth is announced?

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