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How do you meet CEO's?

Friday morning, I had a meet-up with a CEO, two hours ago from writing this.

I'm typing this on my laptop in a building that is often a part of Hong Kong's famous skyscrapers photos.

A question I often get asked "How do you meet CEO's?"

The simple answer is

"I don't know" BUT

What I do know and believe in is "magnetic fields".

Does that mean I'm a CEO and somehow with magnetic force I meet CEO's?

Well, the interesting thing is that we all are CEO's.

Chief Executive Officer of our focus and attention.

I also follow & connect with a lot of CEO's on social media, just that alone has a magnetic aurora!

Again, I'm not too sure exactly how I meet with CEO's ever so often but for sure I am always happy, grateful, inspired and motivated after meeting with CEO's that have a functioning business plan and helps people along their journey.

A secret to get on CEO's radar

There are a number of reasons why getting a CEO's attention is important.

1. More opportunities

2. Learn from their mistakes.

3. Learn from their success.

4. They have high net-worth network.

5. They can hire you.

6. Exchange ideas.

Plus many more...

Secret no.1

Read/ talk about CEO's that even CEO's admire.

Secret no.2

Be open and share what you know.

Secret no.3

Be yourself and express yourself.


Hi, my name is Subash Limbu and I'm an explorer in the information age.

Exploring brains and the nature.

Enter my digital universe

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