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How I feel about my DNA test...

The image above is a screenshot of me taking a sample of my DNA to send to a DNA company.

In my own personal opinion, one of the most important results was about my diet.

My Optimal Diet is Low-Carb Diet.

Basically, little to almost no Carbohydrates!

Thanks to Circle DNA now that I am able to make wise and

calculated choices regarding my diet, health, fitness and environment.

Know yourself!

As one of the most important things we can know about

ourselves is the kinds of foods that are right for us,

and with the help of Circle DNA I have gained the confidence

and am able to eat and consume according to my personal DNA!

If yo too are interested to get your DNA tested with over 100+ reports

then I have a good news!

Circle DNA is giving my friends and explorers special

30% OFF! USE this special link

Discover your:









physical traits,

personality traits,

behavioral traits,

success traits,

gender traits,




pollution sensitivity and more.

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Explore how your DNA can help support you on your journey to a better and healthier life.

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Full DNA analysis link:

Get 30% OFF using this link

I, (Subash) am an ambassador of Circle DNA and will receive a commission

if you purchase from one of the links above. But you must also get 30% OFF :)

Lots of love,

Subash Limbu

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