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Notes from THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne

Notes from this book was shared by a Business Owner in one of our weekly online meetings. Attendants are people living in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Here are some notes I jotted down on a piece of paper:

- Whoever has gratitude will continue to have abundance and vice versa.

- Thank for the things you had and the things you have.

- Thank for the dreams as accomplishments.

- Give thanks to anything that serves you: sun, trees, singers, the universe, and anyone that serves you in anyway.

- We as human beings can also bless others with positive and uplifting words. Sprinkle magic on others.

- Compliment and thank a lot.

- When giving thanks look in the persons eyes.

(My 2 cents) AKA my thoughts lol

The emotional and vibrational state of being thankful creates positive aurora to that human BEING effecting it's surroundings. Not only it affects the mind and body in the present but also the coming future as the saying goes "like attracts like" the thankfulness state of being will magnetize more situations and things to be thankful for!

This book is written by the author of "The Secret" which has helped millions of people to grow their business and improve their personal life. I am currently reading this book...19/05/2021

Shall Explore!

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