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How the solar system affects our daily life. Planets, parallel rays, zodiacs, astrology, statistics

Do they really?

Parallel rays connecting to the sun, the moon and all the other planets when and at the exact time you were born to meet the outer universe.

Other planets are also included but they have their own story, interests and way of living.

We all have 3 core planets and zodiac signs for example one can have an Aquarius and Leo plus an animal sign at the same time. But they all have their own periods of time.

I upload videos on YouTube every week and one of the videos is where I go see a fortune teller living high up near the world's 3rd highest mountain Kanchenjunga. He talks about my natural way of being, characteristics according to the parallel pulls from the gravity of the Sun, Moon and Mars to the EARTH for an example my Sun parallel ray of web is known as an Aquarius however my Moon parallel web is a Leo with one being the logical side and another being the emotional side or also heart and the brain.

The ancient Chinese and Indian way of looking at the solar system to remember the statistics and predictions has the same concept of attaching a string web 🕸 parallel with the other planets to each individual that were born in 12 different times (am/pm),12 different zodiac signs, 12 different Chinese astrology animals and 12 different vedic astrology signs, or also known as natural types. Uranus for an example has its own times for bright and dark seasons, according to locations on the solar system's gravitational rays of distance and closeness.

Although, all these emotions stories and actions only exists on earth, other planets has it own meetings and energy expressed with earth at different times of their journey around the sun. To know more of mind blowing and interesting explorations do check out "Shall Explore" on YouTube.

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