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10 Things I use every single day

1. Laptop

Yup, I love my laptop.

2. Notebook

She knows my deepest thoughts and desires. Shhh

3. Pen

Simple things like pens, helps us shape humanity's advancement because pens contain the capacity to create, communicate, record, transfer, and structure ideas.

4. Moisturizer

I can confidently say that I have used more than 100 different brands of moisturizers so far!

The ones above are really good to me :)

5. Octopus Card

I live in Hong Kong and I take the M.T.R. (Mass Transit Railway) almost every single day.

6. Earphones

The gray: I use it when I'm walking and when in between commute.

The golden: I use it when I use the translation device and when I am sleeping.

The black: I use it when my ears get bored of the gray ones.

7. Hairspray

One of the lessons I learned when I was in a Commercial Film shooting was to use hairspray!

The media does! The TV does! Why didn't I?

8. Water bottle

If you have met me, you've probably noticed that I drink a lot of water and

pee a lot. LOL! (Laugh Out Loud)

This bottle is a sweet gift from Nutrilite Hong Kong, Thank you :)

9. Book

I love the idea of downloading information and knowledge into the brain.

To test, apply and use them in life and business.

10. Bag

I love my bag.

I got it in Kowloon Bay I think.

There was a big sale in the whole store.

I think the sale price was $70HKD = £7 = $8.92USD



My smartphone too!!


Bye :)

Add me on Instagram at @subillion

#essentials #hongkong #subashlimbu

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