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Ugly girl became pretty in minutes...

True story...

I saw a girl.

Her eyes were not magnetic.

Her lips were okay.

She was not the definition of "pretty"

There was no reason to take a second glance at her.

In fact she was just sitting across on another table and appeared in front of my eyes.

My eyes were on my laptop but I could see the girl's arms move.

She took out a bottle from her bag.

She took a sip.

A water fountain was behind me.

I had a little guess that she would fill her bottle sooner or later.

I was still on my laptop.

After 5 minutes or so later she walked past me.

WIFF (The wind carried a scent)

Her scent went inside of my nasal hole.

Through the nasal hole it went inside my brain and activated some sort of excitement.

The smell also made my heart beat faster.

My focus was on this girl now.

My brain wanted to sniff more of that smell.

Kind of like a dog trying to sniff another dog's silly organ. HAHA

My senses were tingling.

I wanted to see this person right this second.

After a short while she walked back again and I was ready to sniff that beautiful smell.


My nose took a screenshot's equivalent for nose.

Now my eyes were locked in on the girl.

Her jacket and her hair from the back looked very presentable.

She sat down.

She looked.

We made eye contact.

I smiled, she smiled.

She is a pretty girl now.

I imagined walking over to her table and asking her

"What fragrance did you use?"

She said....






Marc Jacobs

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