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What are the Benefits of Taking the Ancestry DNA Test?

Here are 5 benefits of knowing your ancestry DNA composition

1. Helps you see the bigger picture.

I arrived in Kathmandu at the age of 5.

I was once asked by classmate that if I was a "Hongkonger or Hongkongese"

with that I replied "I haven't heard of any of that but probably a Hongkonger" (as I was born in Hong Kong and I had arrived in Nepal from Hong Kong.)

The question was raised after the teacher asked everyone where they were born.

5 years later, I was in the UK.

There was a community of Nepalese in the area.

The locals knew how the Nepalese people came to England, Gurkha soldiers that served in wars.

Most locals were nice but there were a few people that called

Nepalese people "chin*s" for no apparent reason.

I did not like that word. It was obviously a racist term.

I knew I was a Mongolian and a Nepalese but "chin*s" stood for hate towards asians with smaller eyes.

Decade later I took my DNA test and truth be told, I am more Chinese than Nepalese according to my DNA code.

2. Connects you to more people and cultures.

Understanding your Ancestry DNA composition also makes you feel connected with more people and culture (Vice versa). You are also welcomed by your recently known cousins. I have been in many situations where people say “you look Chinese”, “you look Japanese”, “you look Korean” and such I then say “I am” here look at my DNA results.

They then treat me like their own, welcome me to their gatherings and such.

3. More accurate than paper history/ story.

This is my wild guess but it does make more sense when your DNA code is analyzed with hundreds of millions of people and you get a scientific estimation of your past. Stories on the other hand can be exactly what happened, what someone imagined or what someone heard and passed it down.

4. Exposes you to new identity and exploration.

I had an art project when I was studying art and design in the UK.

On one of my projects titled "Influences and Identity"

I explored my identity and I discovered that influences are

a big part of one's identity.

Many people all around the globe do not feel right about

their identity and especially the ones that are well educated on

certain topics that they can decide for themselves on

what was and what can be instead of

this is what it has always been and this is what will be forever...

Therefore, your DNA composition may likely help you from

your restricted values and traditions.

5. May make you a more interesting person in conversations.

Unless you meet someone who is boring as hell.

Who are not willing to learn or listen to new things.

You will most definitely arouse interest in the listener

when you share about your ancestry composition.

In fact, knowing oneself is one of the most important things

a human can do in this century.

For better health and a better future.

If you haven't seen my DNA report click here to watch the video

I checked my Ancestry with Circle DNA

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Personal note: Everyone on earth are homo-sapiens and we are all related.

Good wishes,

Subash Limbu,

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