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Why people love animals

Here you can see the wild animals that roam freely within the 3,000km territory where my Grandfather, Genes and DNA come from. It's no surprise that because of our natural habitat and environment we do share some, in fact, a lot of animalistic characteristics, behaviour and abilities for survival. The animals include Muntjac Deers, Snow Leopards, Red Pandas, Himalayan Bears, Clouded Leopards, Himalayan Tahr, Yaks and some that are pushed out to the south and the west are Tigers and Striped Hyenas. Interestingly, a lot of the wild animals are shy and solitary animals.

My ancestors' genes indeed survived and thrived from the natural selection. 🙏

Crazy fact: my Great Grandfather killed a Tiger using one big stick with two✌️ ends for the neck and one spear on the other hand...the adrenaline released at that moment was so strong that the image of the battle/killing is forever printed on a wall of our brains, who knew this back then but my great grandfather did get a reward for saving many lives and received a plot of land which still remains in the hills of Himalayas.

About time we explore our roots...

Do you know your history?


Now back to the natural habitat and environment that your ancestors shared and/ or had to compete with other wild animals including sea creatures. Can you identify them? 

It was a Sunday (Yesterday, as I'm writing this on a Monday), I asked a stranger if he had seen any deers around and he said that he saw one a long time ago and are rarely seen. Later on, come to find out that he is exactly twice my age!

This post I have been saving on draft for a few days and I thought to myself let me ask Tony about his animal encounters so far and find a connection between them and what his forefather's natural way of living environment looked like. He showed a very deep interest in Scuba-diving and have been to several countries to do just that. 

"I was testing my diving gears and suddenly everyone started to shout and told me to look the other way but all I understood was to come up to see my instructor, and when I did see all these people on the boat pointing to one direction, I saw a huge whale only a few metres from me!, within a blink of an eye the whale disappeared!"

Then, I asked him 'where are your ancestors from?', the answer made perfect sense. The very southern coastal area of China! Right where the whale and big creatures swim freely.

I asked him "could one of your forefathers had interacted with a whale or eaten some whale meat?"

Tony replied: Wow, that is very possible.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my history and story. If you'd like to hear more, then do add me on my social media accounts and message me saying "I read your story about you and animals :) " 

Instagram: subillion YouTube: Shall Explore

Snapchat: subashlimbu

I want to hear your history story too!

Why people love animals?

Because we are animals too!! 

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