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Subash's Wiki-bio

Specialty: Marketing, Web3, Information Technology

Blood type: O
Hobbies: Swimming, Exploring, Reading, Walking, Music
- Fuk Loy Chuen Kam Chuen Kindergarten (Transferred)
- Rose Bud School (Transferred)
- Trungram International Academy (Transferred)
- George Eliot School (Graduated)
- King Edwards VI Sixth Form and College (Graduated)
- University of Birmingham Summer School (Graduated)
- Aston University (Dropout)
Likes: Nature, animals, exploring, note taking, social media, crypto assets
Dislikes: angry people, shouting, loud noise, smelly people
Favorite Drinks: Mineral Water, Green Tea, Green Mocha Red Bean Milk Tea, Green Tea Latte, Coke zero
Instruments: Guitar, Piano
Favorite Foods: Dumplings, momo, broccoli, beef, chicken wings
Favorite Accessory: Rings, Necklace, earnings
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Weather: Chilly
Favorite Aroma: Ocean, lavender
Favorite Book: The Alchemist, Sapiens, Think & Grow Rich
Favorite Book Genre: Non-Fiction, Business, Self-help, Fiction
Favorite Author: Paulo Coelho, Yuval Noah Harrari, Napoleon Hill
Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop, RnB, K-pop, Punk-rock
Favorite Movie: How to train your dragon
Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy, Action, Animation
Favorite TV Show: The Last Airbender
Favorite Sport: Basketball, swimming, skateboarding, wrestling, boxing
Favorite Color: White, red, black, blue, green
Favorite Flower: Gardenia, sunflower, rose and marijunana
Ideal Type: Women with pretty smile, good morale and habits
When he was younger, he read a lot of Encyclopedia, Atlas and story books.
His favorite basketball player is Allen Iverson.
He loves to travel.
He loves cute kids and they love him too.
The Kite birds and sparrows are connected to him.

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